The HCM Onboardning module streamlines the process of Integrating new staff into your organisation.

It can be argued that perhaps the most important day on the job for a new employee is the first day. Best practice promotes having a formal orientation program and written onboarding plan. Our Onboarding module not only facililtates all this but rather enhances this whole process.

On their first day, or even prior, a new recruit is introduced to the organisation via the Onboarding portal. A warm welcome video is a nice way to start. Introduction to the organisation values and policies - easily done. Now they are longer a new recruit, now they are a team member!

Through our Onboarding module HR teams now have the tools to track and report on each new recruits onboarding journey.

HCM | Onboarding includes:

Pre-Employment Induction Checklists Staff Inventory

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