The Projects division was formed to deliver all custom development projects at LGSS. With a strong portfolio, it has successfully delivered a number of large scale software development projects.

In addition to building and enhancing the awesome Pulse suite of modules, LGSS provide Custom Software Development for medium to large scale projects. The Projects division is selective when looking for custom projects to engage in and typically projects working with government agencies and industry groups are the type of projects engaged. All software development at LGSS is done in house in our Sydney office.

Agile is the methodology of choice for development projects at LGSS. This methodology permits a collaborative process which will see the product solution evolve and ensure a more efficient delivery. From our project managers through to our software developers you can rest assured that you are always dealing with the best at LGSS!

The LGSS Way

At LGSS we recommend a customised implementation of the Agile methodology. Over the last several years LGSS have refined the Agile approach balancing planning, design, development, testing and integration. LGSS carry out planning, review sessions and backlog development in parallel to sprint cycles so no downtime occurs between sprints for sprint reviews and sprint planning sessions. LGSS achieve this by ensuring all project members are technical experts, including project leaders. Stakeholders liaise directly with the developers avoiding non-technical project managers and business analysts.

Project Spotlight

The projects division holds an impressive repertoire of completed prjects. Below are a few projects large scale projects completed in recent times.